Tuesday, March 28, 2006

There goes Peter Cottontail............................

This Easter, malls across the country are changing their marketing plans to accommodate the politically–correct, cultural diversity, all inclusive agenda by erasing out of existence the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny is being renamed the “Spring Bunny”.

Okay, I guess when the Spring holidays are over you can stash your plastic Spring Bunnies and baskets in the attic with your artificial Holiday tree.

What punk-assed fuckshit is coming up with these ideas? What’s next, the Celebration Candelabra (menorah)? * Menorah: The Menorah was the ancient representation of the Hebrews and is one of the oldest symbols of the Jewish people. It symbolizes the burning bush as seen by Moses on Mount Sinai.

I personally broke ranks with the Easter tradition in my family. Easter for a lot of Southern Baptists seemed to me to be a fashion show. Everyone paraded to church in their new Easter outfits, matching handbags, shoes, and hats for the Ladies, new suits for the men, Easter dresses for the little girls, and new Easter suits for the little boys. God help you if you managed to get you brand new Easter suit dirty. I know from experience.

The worst part of the whole affair, besides wearing a brand new, itchy monkey suit, had to be the mandatory Easter speeches. Standing up in front of the church and reciting an Easter speech from memory was a recurring mightmare for me. These speeches seem to get longer and longer every year, for some kids that is. If you were a precocious child, like I was, by the age of nine you were reciting whole soliloquies, like I was. Some kids said the same line every year regardless of their age- “Jesus rose on Easter morn”, and when I mentioned to the adults that the whole affair was for their prideful appreciation- I was immediately beat down. After I became an adult, my Mother would laugh about it and tell me I was right and agreed with me not continuing that part of the tradition.

The only thing that kept all the kids going through the whole ordeal was the Easter egg hunt and the huge Easter baskets we knew were waiting at home after church. My Mother and Aunts bought empty baskets and made them up for all the kids- they were great big baskets filled with little toys and chocolate eggs and generally one big ass chocolate bunny. Two kinds of baskets were made by my Mother and Aunts, one for the boys, one for the girls, yeah, gender specific, and we liked it that way.

My Mother’s family was huge. They lived in the country and were country. The Easter egg hunts were something to behold. For starters, the kids would be herded into the house and kept away from the windows, didn’t make much of a difference considering the back field was a little over ten acres and without a clear line of sight from the house due to a big stand of trees. Once my uncles were sure all the kids were accounted for, yeah, my cousin and I were the reason for accounting for all the kids after we hid in the woods one year to see where the eggs were being hid, they would hide about 50 dozen colored eggs.

There were three levels of difficulty in which the eggs were hidden, easy to find for the smaller kids, harder to find for the older kids, and damned hard to find for the smartass kids- like me and my cousin. It was a great time. So, in spite of the church torture, The Easter bunny brings back fond memories for me. When my children were younger I did the Easter egg hunt thing with them, not on the scale of my childhood, they loved it, and they didn’t have to sit through three hours of torture. Celebrating Easter with the Easter Bunny is basically for the kids. It’s their innocent time, before they get older and have to face the realities of what Christ had to go through dying for our sins.

One large mall in the metro Atlanta area decided after announcing the name change that they would not be changing the name- after the complaints started rolling in, and the threats not to shop for Easter there grew. Let’s look at this thing from a business point of view, take away the sentiment. Okay, those offended and or not interested in the Easter celebration as it has been going on for generations in the south were not buying any of the products associated with the Easter celebration in the first place. Why in the world would a business possibly alienate the people that actually bought the products they sold during Easter by changing the name of the Easter Bunny. Stupid decision, politically correct, but stupid.

Screw the Spring Bunny, screw the people that have reasoned we need to change its name, screw Holiday trees, and let’s quit walking on egg shells and at the least keep some of our traditions- I did.


Monday, March 27, 2006

Higher Learning......................

  1. African American Studies MA & PHD--- What…..? Okay, where does one work in the private sector with this degree? Is there a demand outside of Academia for this degree? The University of Georgia says this about it:The Role of African American Studies Situate students within a learning environment that encourages appreciation of the history and culture of African Americans.

  1. Develop critical and analytic tools of inquiry necessary for research and publication.
  2. Develop professionals.
  3. Teach the economic, psychological, and social situation of Blacks past and present.
  4. Inquire historically into the profound cultural gap between American ideals of the constitution and American practices.
  5. Test the contemporary hypothesis that conscientious dissenters of any color or creed are unpatriotic Americans.
  6. Liberate American thought from simplistic stereotypes.
  7. Explore the diversity and range of thought in the African Diaspora.
  8. Expand the range of academic inquiry about humanity and who is human.
  9. Foster interdisciplinary study in the humanities, arts, and sciences.
  10. Provide laboratory experiences in a cultural exchange to enrich the professions of business, law, economics, social work, education, and agriculture.
  11. Facilitate life-long enlightenment about theories and forms of African Americans.
Now that sounds all uplifting and empowering, but I want to know this, can a white boy from back-um-snatch Georgia be taken seriously with this degree? Will his race undermine his accomplishments in the field? That is my test as to whether or not I would encourage my children, or anybody else’s children to obtain this degree.

I believe a college degree of any type should transcend ethic backgrounds, or else why seek one in the first place.Now, let’s flip the script as they say in “The ‘Hood.” Can a black boy from wam-ba-lo Georgia obtain a degree in say, Native American studies, and be taken seriously? Naw, these degrees are (okay, here comes some Bold as Love non-politically correct terminology) racially proprietary. That’s right, Racially Proprietary. What I am putting forth is, a person not of color will not be given the same credence as someone of color? Why, simply because of the politically correct society we live in.

I hear some of you saying European history is taught by professors of European descent, and they inherently have a lock on the subject, and people of color should enjoy that status also. Think about it, European history is also taught by professors of color, and they are recognized and acknowledged for their expertise in the field. I have noticed that these days it is not a two way street, white men are discouraged from professing any insight on minority issues whatsoever- I guess since most Liberals feel white men are the problem to start with, they can’t possibly be part of any solution. The following is what sums up my doubts about this degree. Do we need another layer of racial bullshit to add to the layers we already have. I thought our goal was to build a society that was based upon character, not racial identity.

What the hell is “Situating students within a learning environment that encourages appreciation of the history and culture of African Americans” going to really do? You do not have to appreciate a damned thing about anyone’s culture here in America, just do not violate that persons constitutional rights and all will be fine and dandy. It is terribly competitive on a global level these days. This degree and others are gumming up the works of American colleges. While American students are getting these degrees, the rest of the world is obtaining degrees in the hard sciences and getting shit done. While we sit around mulling over the complexities of the African American experience in America, other countries are turning out students that design the tools of the future. Just damn, enough already.


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Keeping the Faith.............

“Cause the good old days weren't always good, and tomorrow ain't as bad as it seems.”

-Billy Joel
Keeping the Faith

You know, sometimes you can find serious truth in something as simple as a pop song. There is so much going on in the world that is not right. It’s just fuckin’ scary at times, and we get consumed with it.

We have Iran trying to go nuclear. Iraq has turned into the ultimate fix-it-upper, I knew it would, as we struggle to respond to the increasing violence against civilians there. Is it just me, or has anybody in the media, or say.... the Democratic party noticed the “Insurgents”,(terrorists) brutal shift from primarily trying to kill US service members to the wholesale wacking of civilians. If I am a terrorists organization that has been taking serious casualties for the last three years and I see a democratic government emerging from the rubble of bombed out Iraq, yeah, I’m shifting gears and I am going to try to destabilized that effort- When will Liberals see this tactic for what it is, when?

Africa is doing it’s usual bullshit. Look for another serious famine coming down the pipe in Africa in the next couple of years. China and North Korea still insist on living in an alternate reality, like that is gonna change anytime soon. The Bird flu is winging it’s way towards America as we speak, and Ted Kennedy is still hogging all the Chivas Regal there is in the Northeast, ain’t that a bitch. Everybody south of our borders feel as though they can enter our country illegally, work, suck up services meant for citizens, and cop an attitude when we cry foul- It’s like a nightmarish Mel brooks movie- “Green Cards, we don’t need no stinking green cards”. Makes you depressed doesn’t it.

Let’s back up and look at Mr. Joel’s words, “Cause the good old days weren't always good, and tomorrow ain't as bad as it seems”. The key is the good old days weren’t always good, hm.... he’s right.

The 1918 flu epidemic had a estimated worldwide mortality between 25-50 million. This epidemic was only upon the scene for about eighteen months after it’s first case appeared. Compared to the plague of the middle ages with it’s 8-13 million dead globally per year, this may have been the most lethal recorded epidemic in human history. Keep in mind, influenza is spread by aerosol droplets, yeah breathing, and any and everybody had a chance at contracting it. It is believed up to 20% of the world population contracted the flu, not all that contracted it would die from it, but the mortality rate was 15.8% in the city of Philadelphia alone, wow.

The epidemic of 1918 is one of the reasons I get upset with all the political correctness hype behind HIV, shit, you have to do something in a certain manner to become HIV infected. Yeah the good old days weren't always good especially if you check out recent history, there was a thing called “POLIO.” At the height of the polio epidemic in 1952, nearly 60,000 cases with more than 3,000 deaths were reported in the United States alone.

The 1950’s is usually considered the “golden era” of America, the good old days. That may have been true, if you were white and middle class and above. The 1950’s for my family was a decade to be endured, a time of struggle, with only a veiled promise hinting at what was to come. "Tomorrow ain’t as bad as it seems", would have sounded absurd to some of my relatives back in 1950, but tomorrow was going to be better. Tomorrow would see my family prosper on a level undreamed of by my ancestors that arrived to the coast of America in chains. Tomorrow was going to transform the KKK into a dysfunctional social club, not the dreaded beast that it was to my Grandfather. Tomorrow would see all of my relatives have access to an education. Tomorrow, it’s what they lived for, and I’m glad they did.

I am of the belief that nothing worth doing or having ever comes without sacrifice, and some sort of struggle. There will be wars, death, famine, and stupidity involving weapons that exceed our ability to comprehend the long term effects of their use, but tomorrow, in spite of the fuck ups to come, is what you live for. A better tomorrow .


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Time to go back to school................

Okay, let’s go over this one more time, a lot of my Liberal, oh, Progressive brothers and sisters are having problems getting it.

FREEDOM: Owning ones self and thoughts. Freedom is purchased with one type of currency and one type alone- Blood. That’s right boys and girls, blood is the only currency FREEDOM accepts. Whenever faced with a FREEDOM threatening crisis, get ready to bleed, because if you plan on maintaining your FREEDOM, you are going to have to spill blood and or have your blood spilled. The one exception is when one surrenders ones FREEDOM - example: The Patriot Act.

PEACE: a state of being that results from having attained FREEDOM.

APPEASEMENT: Natural enemy of both Freedom and PEACE, must be avoided at all cost.

THE UNITED NATIONS: Sworn enemy of FREEDOM and PEACE. Originally founded to safeguard both, but was co-opted by socialist and dictators. It’s main tool is APPEASEMENT.

THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: The last stronghold of Freedom, located in the Western Hemisphere, shares the continent of North America with an APPEASMENT based country called Canada. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a representative republic, not a Democracy.

DEMOCRACY: A form of government that equates to Mob Fuckin’ Rule”. Abhorred by the founding fathers of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, embraced by the THE UNITED NATIONS, especially in the event they are unable to effect a socialistic society.

INALIENABLE RIGHTS: Rights all men have, God given. Not to be confused with CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. Can not be revoked nor amended.

CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS: Rights guaranteed under a constitution. Example: The right to bear arms, the right to remain silent, the right to a speedy trail of ones peers. These rights can be altered/amended.

FREE SPEECH: Exists in theory ,but in reality all speech has consequences. If an individual lives in a state of FREEDOM, said person is free to say whatever they please. This is as long as their speech does not interfere with the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of their fellow citizens. The quest to obtain FREE SPEECH, like FREEDOM, almost always results in blood letting.

Okay, that about covers it.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Pain and Harm............................

Well, it seems as though the leaders of Iran are selling wolf tickets once again. I am just about at the end of my rope with these oil rich, female oppressive, back-ass ward, haven’t contributed a damned thing to the modern world Islamic bitches.

Is there a diplomatic solution to this problem? Oh, we are hoping that the U.N. places sanctions on Iran to encourage them to give up their quest for nuclear energy/bomb capabilities. Oops, but Russia has already said it will not go along with sanctions- too many business interest with Iran I guess. So much for the U.N. angle, come to think of it, since when was the last time the U.N. was able to get anything done other than showing up after the fact and talking smack.

So, where does that leave us? I’d say we are caught between a rock and a hard place, translation- up shit creek; further translation- screwed. Is it just me, or is it kind of funny how an oil rich country is so hard up for nuclear power. I guess they are at a lost when it comes to figuring how to convert that surplus of oil into energy.

Let’s for one minute do some serious thinking. Our Intelligence agencies are now saying that Iran might already have enough nuclear material to manufacture 10 nuclear bombs. Imagine what would happen if one of those bombs found it’s way to say, Queens, New York- If you think Katrina was a huge fuck up sit back and watch this scenario play out on Fox News.

Katrina would be a playground boo boo compared to a nuke going off in New York. There would be some serious long term changes in all of our lives, not to mention the loss of life and property and the damage it would do to our economy.

I am of the mind that we are going through the motions concerning Iran. I believe we are going to outsource this job to Israel. Israel knows if Iran goes nuclear they will be the first in line to be on the receiving end of a Shahab-3 nuclear tipped missile. I also believe our government will aid Israel in the logistical aspects of a large scale raid, you know, stuff like refueling in mid- air, secret bases in Kurdish Iraq. I believe the Russians know this too, but being Russians they see no need to stop making money in the meantime because of sanctions.

How soon will all this play out? Who knows for sure, but time is getting short. I just hope while the Israelis are running around Iran destroying it’s nuclear sites, they take time out to bust a cap or two in asses of the leaders of Iran.


Friday, March 03, 2006

Back To The Future....................

In early 2006 America outsourced it’s port facilities to a front company of the UAB. Within a year America experienced the lost of 5 major cities through nuclear exposions, including New York, and was thrown into chaos. When the smoke cleared Sharia was the law of America, and Imam George Abu Bush was back in charge.

- Historical Document 31245
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