Friday, April 20, 2007

Tragedy on Campus.......................

It has been said; “ If six monkeys sat at typewriters and type randomly for an eternity. They will eventually reproduce all of William Shakespeare’s life’s work.”

I submit to you that if Universities are prohibited from removing mentally unstable students from the student population due to Legislators deciding unanimously not to allow them to due so, Virginia’s State Legislators did so, and if background checks to purchase a handgun can not include information concerning a person’s mental status simply because the ACLU and a few others groups don’t want your privacy rights infringed upon, it was evitable that what occurred at Virginia Tech would happen.

Folks, it seems like everybody dropped the ball on this deal. Shit. This whole tragedy seems to be wrapped in a veneer of politically correct bullshit. Since when did our Colleges become mental illness treatment facilities? Don’t these institutions exist to educate bright young men and women or what?

It is my belief that at some point and time this great country will end this sick love affair with political correctness and get back to exercising common sense. It’s too late for the families of the slain students of Virginia Tech and my prayers are with them. I hope the time comes soon when decision are made first and foremost with practical concern of those that may be affected- instead of some political agenda that happens to sound all nice and shit.

Ya’ll take care out there


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