Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Love and happiness. Remember when those three words together were simply a Al Green song that was oh-so-smooth. Yes, the now Rev. Al could sing a song. Now a days those three words are the equivalent of the quest for the Holy Grail- Monty Python style at that. Yes, everybody is looking for love and happiness. I personally am in love with Condi Rice and my happiness would be complete if she returned my e-mails. It really pisses me off to see Ms. Rice vilified by the press and the black civil rights pimps. The civil rights pimps I expected , but the rest of these bozo's- hell you would have to go all the way back to the segregated South of the early sixties to see a black woman treated the way Ms. Rice is being treated, or simply go out and purchase a Snoop Dogg CD/DVD.
Keep in mind that Condi is a strong woman and can handle the criticisms she is receiving. Not only can she handle it, but she will use it as motivation to drive on in her new job- Sec. of state. Folks ask yourselves, why is this woman being trashed when she is breaking new ground on an unprecedented level. Why does the black elite hate her so? Why do white liberals make comments about her that they would consider racists if she was a liberal. It's about need people. Condi does not need them. She didn't need them thirty years ago and she doesn't need them now. Condi blazed her own trails, fought her own battles,and made alliances that have put her in the position she is in today. That's the short and sweet of it. Most of you at this point are asking, "What the hell does all this have to do with love and happiness"? Actually nothing, not a damned thing. You see love and happiness is relative, something you find for yourself. Have a good day- Later

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

What the hell......

25,000.00 dollars for a ten year old sandwhich that has the image of the Virgin Mary
Yes, insanity is the order of the day. It's even more amazing that the winning bid submitted to ebay was from an online casino. Dayum, makes you long for the days when casino's where actual places that the Mob managed. There is some light at the end of the tunnel, Dan Rather is stepping down as anchor man of CBS. This bit of news is sure to bring much joy to many of my conservative brethren, but Iam still pissed as hell that he was allowed to step down. No sense in covering old ground with the argument concerning journalists and objectivity, hell it doesn't exist anyway, but someboby please tell me why Dan can fuck up so badly, not once , but many times , and still be considered a respected journalists. Anyway Dan is soon to be another nightmare that America awakens from, much like our infatuation with the Swedish Pop group Abba during the early-80's.
Bill Cosby recently visited Atlanta(Go Falcons). Mr. Cosby had some very interesting things to say during his speech at Douglas High school. Bill addressed the single mothers in the crowd and gave them both barrels concerning their parenting skills--The child "hears you having sex in the room, he hears you arguing, he hears you cursing," Cosby said. "And then four days later, you bring another man into the house."
Iam really starting to enjoy Bill Cosby's "rip them a new asshole, tough love tour" Bill-- drive on baby. See, the really fucked-up part of it all is that not one of the so-called Civil Rights organizations or their leaders initiated this dialouge. Well, did we really expect the Civil rights pimps to break ranks and do such a thing. No. But keep this in mind, as the popularity of Mr. Cosby's crusade increases, so will the number those assholes(civil rights pimps) increase.
Until next time--- Take care
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