Wednesday, February 06, 2008

There Must be Some Kind of Way Outta Here

“There must be some kind of way out of here,
Said the joker to the thief.
There’s too much confusion,
I can’t get no relief”
All along the Watchtower-Bob Dylan

It’s been awhile since I posted a new article. A short break from blogging turned into a long break. I view the absence as a healthy thing, I started this blog to vent and the less venting I do is an indication that things are going pretty damned good- either that or I just don’t give a fuck about what’s going on in the world, which is the case fifty percent of the time.

Super Tuesday has necessitated the need in me to vent. Let me put the whole primary thang in a nutshell, I don’t like any of the candidates- none of them, Democratic or Republican. Let’s look at the choices:

Mitt Romney- Probably the least repugnant of the whole bunch, but I personally believe there should be a Federal law barring any politician from Massachusetts from pursuing the Presidential Office. I have no problem with the Mormon faith, my experiences with Mormons have been overwhelmingly positive. With that said, I didn’t believe the Southern states would be able to get past it and it appears I was right. Think about it, Catholics are still looked at sideways in the South.

Huckabee- Let’s face it, Ole’ Huck’s really not a conservative, a Republican- Perhaps, but not a conservative. Also, He hails from Arkansas. Bill and Hillary Clinton fucked it up for everybody coming out of Arkansas.

Ron Paul- Shit, Ronnie boy is and has always been plagued by segment of his supporters that are just wayyyyyyyy out there, I mean wayyyyyy out there. Ice water will be readily available in Hell before he ever gets the nod.

Obama- Straight up cradle to the grave big government type Liberal. You know what, I respect and admire the guy. Obama is what he says he is- his voting records shows it, his speeches and platform show it, hell it’s refreshing to see a candidate that you don’t have to have a James Bond decoder ring to figure out their platform. But, like I have always said, “ I don’t fuck with Democrats or Liberals”.

Hillary Rodham Clinton- A cold-blooded, power hungry bitch from which there is no escape-ask Bill.

John McCain- A cold-blooded, power hungry bitch that will fuck his own Party to further his political ambitions- and it looks like it’s gonna pay off.



Blogger Ripama said...


This is the first election I've missed in many years. I don't like any of the candidates, so I'll let others whittle down the field.

I like Romney, but I remember when he ran against Ted Kennedy and he's making the same mistake now: He's not a fighter. Romney doesn't like to get down and dirty in a political scrum. If he fought back against Kennedy he might be senator today but he backed down. During the debates, he tended to let others besmirch him without fighting back.

People want to see back bone not backdown,

12:31 PM  
OpenID lavesusmanos said...

As usual, you hit the nail on the head.

Perhaps you'd like to join me -- I've become a member of the "I don't give a shit" party. Anyone wanting to become a member, just write your own name in on the write-in line for president. This will automatically invalidate your ballot, but at least we can ethically can still have the right to bitch -- because we will have voted.

I agree w/ Bold --- "I don't fuck w/ Democrats or Liberals." And the day that I vote for McCain will the be same day my head gets chopped off first.

2:02 AM  
Blogger Jason said...

I told a buddy of mine over the summer that Southern folks don't vote for Mormons, and he asked "why?". I just told him it's a Southern thing, and left it at that.

And by the way... have you SEEN the kind of people stomping for Ron Paul??

But then again, he may lose his seat in Texas anyway if he doesn't win his own congressional primary.

I'll be flipping a coin in the voting booth this time. Perhaps after drinking a bit, before, during and after I vote.

5:40 PM  
Blogger DAVE BONES said...

Its funny seeing how many Republicans say nice things about obama

8:24 AM  

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