Friday, October 27, 2006


BOHICA – “Bend over here it comes.”

Turned off the TV and Radio the other day, couldn’t stomach all the rhetoric that has been coming down the pipe-from both parties. Dayum, it’s strictly DVD’s and music CD’s until the elections are over.

There is a feeling of hopelessness among a lot of Conservatives lately, a sense of dreaded uncertainty concerning the Republican’s chances of retaining power. I for one would like to see them sit on the bench for a while, they haven’t governed like Conservatives, and should suffer the consequences.

The up coming election is but one battle of many. The real fight will be in 2008. That’s when the “Soul of America” will be at stake. That’s when Liberals, now preferring to be called “Progressives”, will make what will perhaps be their last stand before truly becoming progressives. Let me see if I understand this Progressive label thing- Here is a party that believes talking can solve any problem, there is no ideal or cause in which sacrifice or fighting is necessary, no murderer should be executed-yet unborn children, the truly innocent, should not be afforded any protection while in the womb. We can’t be inconveniencing the enlightened progressive women that find themselves just a little bit pregnant at the wrong time. Hmmm…… it’s about choice- allrightyy then, so much for being progressive.

I just hope Republicans can get it together in time for the 2008 presidential elections, I really do, because right now, they can’t tell the difference from their ass and a hole in the ground- Yeah, BOHICA.


Friday, October 06, 2006

I AM HOMELESS..............

It’s been coming for quite awhile. It’s official, I am, Homeless.

Politically, I’m a Libertarian. I will never vote for a Democrat, ever. For the last six years I found a temporary home with the Republicans. I have been tossed out into the cold streets, once again, a Libertarian vagabond. Homeless……

What happened? Well it’s simple. I have been making the suggestion to a lot of Republicans I know that they do not deserve to maintain their advantage in Congress. I have been saying that they, The Republicans, have forgotten what real conservatives are and what they do. I even have announced that I would be sitting out the fall elections because I can not bring myself to honestly support them.

It’s bad enough that the Republicans won’t deal with the illegal alien issue, ( it’s not a immigration issue), it’s bad enough that they careless these days about real tax reform, but, I was willing to support them simply because I believe we need to fight the war against Islamic Terrorists. Now I am not willing to support them at all.

The Foley debacle was the tipping point. Let’s take the Speaker’s word and assume he was never told that the e-mails were sexually explicit, okay, someone was still asleep at the switch- in a big way. It’s simple, the way the Republicans have handled the incident concerning Rep. Foley has turned my stomach. I believe it would do the Republican party some real good to loose their majority, sit on the back bench for the next two years and get back in touch with their base- Conservatives. Yeah, Political Time out.

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