Friday, April 06, 2007

Men in America..............

America is slowly but surely becoming a “Nanny State.” I fault the men of America, or rather what passes for men these days.There seems to be mostly extreme groups of men in America. Let’s take a look.

Irresponsible thugs that respect no tradition or law. These assholes make it a habit to father children they have no intention of raising, they can be counted upon for nothing- except to populate our prisons systems. Can always be found hanging out on some street corner.

Foppish-suited, back stabbing, narrow-shouldered, vain, business types that talk about tradition and law- but don't hesitate to circumvent it when they deem it necessary. Can you say Enron? American business and Law schools of the 80’s turned these weasels out by the truck load. These fuckshits tend to populate our political offices, both local and national.

Earth-first/Green Peace I wanna’ go back to the womb girly men that just want to be hugged. These bastards whine about saving the rainforest and animals rights-They pontificate on the beauty of nature, yet have never spent a true moment in nature. How else can you describe their total ignorance of the fact that nature is a cruel Mistress that feeds the young, weak and aged to the strong and hungry. Nature doesn’t give a shit about what is fair and equitable. Left to these guys, America would subsists solely on soy products and really bad granola. These pisspots usually populate the Human Resource Departments of large corporations- that is until they go nutso fulltime.

Guilt-ridden, bed wetting, reality ignoring Liberals. Jeez, these pansies make real men want to walk up and bitch slap some sense into them. There is nothing these spineless pricks won’t apologize for- Slavery, the Punic wars, really terrible off Broadway shows- These slugs are usually actors, newspaper editors, TV anchor men and women, activists of various flavors, and lately often times they moonlight as Senators and Congressmen and Women.

Spoiled Mama’s boys that will never grow the fuck up. Oops, a lot of ladies out there are nodding their heads in agreement on this group. There be a lot of these fuckers. They are the Masters of excuses, and the Princes of alibi’s. The only redeeming factor concerning these pussies is they are usually not politically active, other than that, they are useless and can usually be found hanging around their Mothers.

Silly ass Wannabees. You know the type- guys that didn’t have the guts to go down to their local recruiter and join the military but wear camo every day of their lives- former soldiers never wear camo so trivially. We only wear it after our military service while hunting, and then it’s not military style camo but a camo made for hunting called Realtree. These freaks have every assault rifle ever offered for sale and are looking to acquire more and consider themselves conservatives, but will support anyone that advances their ability to acquire more assault rifles. Do not confuse these guys with your down home, hard core, country boy can survive rednecks that wear camo three days out of the week- most of them did serve in the military. These Silly ass Wannabees are all show ponies and can be found at weekend gun shows running up the price of mediocre guns by over paying for them.

Metrosexuals- What the hell is this all about anyway-fags in waiting ? Are these the pretty boys of the new millennium? The most disturbing thing about this group is their sexual ambiguity pisses off both straight and gay men.

I could go on and on with this, but I think you get the point.

What America needs is more Men that understand what Honor, Respect, Freedom, Independence, and responsibility mean- Men that will die for those beliefs. Men that subscribe to a higher ideal, you know, Men that know what the fuck to do with WD40 and Duct tape.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Men that know what the fuck to do with WD40 and Duct tape".

Hilarious, but right on point.

10:30 AM  
Blogger Ripama said...

I an aversion to reading from monitors so I printed out this post.

This early response is to let you know I've been wondering the same thing for some time.

10:39 AM  
Blogger dave bones said...

Hang em all! Bastards!!

Is that a cryptic message about WD40 and duct tape? Is there a secret thing real Americans do with this stuff I don't know about?

Glad to see you are still having fun anyway. I've tagged you as a "thinking blogger" if you think that fits you!

6:30 AM  
Blogger Lazy said...

Great post! But why did you capitalise Honor (that should be Honour, by the way), Respect, Freedom and Independence but not responsibility? Is responsibility less important than those other things?

I think I'm a Silly-Ass Wannabe, although the reason I didn't join the army was cause I didn't want my balls shot off for some rich c--ts' benefit, and besides, I prefer field grey (5 days a week) to camo, although I have a desert camo t-shirt that I never wear cause it itches, but I'm all for assault rifles.

But I might be a Metrosexual too, cause I have stylish shirts that women and gay men complement me for and sometimes I've used moisturiser and Body Mist (yeah, it's true) and other faggy cosmetic products, although that's cause we stole a suitcase full from Boots.

I'm not an Irresponsible Thug, I don't think, although I depend on them for my drug supply. Another thing you could have said about Irresponsible Thugs is that when they're in prison, all they ever talk about is what great criminals they are. Then what the f--k are you doing inside, stupid?

I have two Foppish suits but never wear them, so that's not me. I have some foppish ties, too, one's pink with pink polkadots (true!) And I don't agree with nature, so I'm not a Green Peace Girly Man.

Thank you for clarifying my sense of identity.

...and "is there something real American men do with WD40 and gaffa tape that I should know about?" hahahahahahahahaaa!!! priceless!

Anyway I read your blog on my mobile phone (cellphone to you) hanging out with Dave Bones there, who recommended it to me, and I really digged it. Dug it? Whatever.

3:52 PM  

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