Saturday, May 19, 2007

FUCK THE REPUBLICANS.................

There, I said it. This bullshit immigration reform bill that is being hyped as the best thing for America is getting on my last nerve. I have always had differences with about 20% of the politicians that identify themselves as Republicans, but it seems like damned near all of them have lost their minds. They have “drank” the Kool-aid.

How in the hell does America keep going with these Idiots at the controls? I mean it was precarious enough when it was just the Democrats barking at the moon, now the Republicans are standing next to the Democrats barking like hell. Shit, what’s next?

This whole deal feels like one big fucked up game of hide- and- go -seek, and our elected officials for the last 20 years have been counting "one- Mississippi , two-Mississippi, while everybody south of Galveston has been running across the border, pushing down salaries, and setting up households. Yesterday the Bastards hollered "Ollie, Ollie, in come free"- and we the native born citizens and the legally immigrated citizens are going to foot the bill for the 20-40 million illegal’s that our Senate wants to legalize. Just fuckin’ dayum.



Blogger Ripama said...

Bold as Love,

I'm convinced that we are witnessing another step towards 'The New World Order".

Those who seek dominance can't convince the American people to willingly surrender their rights, customs and traditions, so they are determined to overwhelm, dilute and compromise the American system.

11:11 AM  

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