Tuesday, September 27, 2005


See this is what I truly love about the internet. We all saw the picture of ole’ boy hauling off a tub of Heineken during the flooding of New Orleans, well it was a matter of time before someone doctored it up. This is one for the archive. I wonder if Heineken sales have went up? I’ve never been a big Heineken fan, or a big beer fan, I’m more of a martini type, but I found myself wanting an ice cold Heineken. Hell yeah.


Monday, September 26, 2005

Big Spender

Would somebody please remind President Bush that he is a evil, tight-wadded, black and po' folk hatin' Republican.


Friday, September 23, 2005

One down, One to Go...........

Okay, Judge Roberts is practically wearing His black Supreme court robe, So it’s time to figure out whom President Bush will pick for His next nominee. I am hoping it will be Judge Janice Rodgers Brown.

Judge Janice Rodgers Brown was raised on a 158 acre farm in Alabama (oops another black female Bama’ conservative). Shortly after the birth of her first child her husband died of cancer. In spite of her husbands untimely death she managed to put herself through college and law school while a single mother. Judge Brown has long been vilified by the left, standard procedure for anyone black that doesn’t profess to be a liberal/democrat. Judge brown has shown that not only can she can take the heat, but she can thrive off of it. Here’s a taste of what we can expect from Judge Brown:

Collectivism was (and is) fundamentally incompatible with the vision that undergirded this country’s founding. The New Deal, however, inoculated the federal Constitution with a kind of underground collectivist mentality. The Constitution itself was transmuted into a significantly different document...” Judge Janice Rodgers Brown

Folks, that’s some tasty shit—the stuff that liberal nightmares are made. If President Bush nominates Judge Brown you will hear the howling of the liberal left from coast to coast. Yes, it’s gonna be a fun time in the old town if this shit goes down. I think I might have as much fun as I did during the last two Presidential elections, as a matter of fact, if Judge Brown is nominated, I know I will.


Thursday, September 22, 2005

Here it comes again.......



Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Nazi Hunter

Washington Post---9/20/05 Simon Wiesenthal lost 89 relatives during the war. He survived five Nazi concentration camps and seven other prisons, weighing just 99 pounds when a U.S. Army armored unit liberated him and other inmates at Mauthausen in May 1945. Wiesenthal spent more than 50 years hunting Nazi war criminals, speaking out against neo-Nazism and racism, and remembering the Jewish experience as a lesson for humanity. He estimated he helped bring some 1,100 Nazi war criminals to justice.

Simon Wiesenthal was a very interesting man. Mr. Wiesenthal hunted down Nazis like Van Helsing of horror fantasies hunted down Vampires- with no mercy. When Mr. Wiensenthal uncovered a hidden Nazi, no matter were they were in the world, or how long it had been since the war, it was the equivalent of a stake in the heart. Over 1,100 of those vampires were drug out into the light of day. Yes, the man was dedicated to tracking down Nazis.

All of the high-profile Nazis were front page news when they were uncovered by Mr. Wiesenthal. But I wonder how many low- profile, run of the mill, doing evil because they could Nazis, simply turned up dead, seemingly victims of ordinary every day crimes and illnesses. I betcha’ a dollar to a donut this occurred, and probably quite frequently during the first few years after the war.

Mr. Wiesenthal has hung up his mallet, packed his stakes, and has gone on to meet his maker. Will there ever be another real life vampire hunter. I damn sure hope so. See, I believe at the end of this war on terror, yes there will be an end, there will be thousands of vampires hiding in the dark, moving in the shadows, just needing a stake through the heart

I believe if a vampire hunter emerges this hunter will be a she, an Arab woman to be exact. She will go about her business much as Mr. Wiensenthal did. Curious about how I came to this conclusion? It’s simple, terrorism as we know it, has basically been around for about 30 odd years, but Muslim women have suffered at the hands of Muslim men since Mohammad recruited followers. This Arab woman to be will fill the night with the screams of former terrorists, She will demand a reckoning, and get it.


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Something is fishy......

On November 23, the state of Georgia, my Ancestral proving grounds, will open an Aquarium. This will be a huge aquarium with rare species of fish and mammals from all over the world. I know a lot of you are saying, woo-hoo, big deal, but Check this out. The Georgia Aquarium will open debt free having been constructed from private donated funds. Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus provided $200 million plus of his own funds.

It’s how things ought to be done. Too many times cities, even states, are strong- armed into sinking taxpayer monies into municipal boondoogles, arenas and stadiums . Professional sports owners are the worst. Often times the threat of loosing the pro teams are mentioned by the owners. The results are usually the same, the owners see most of the benefits, or the municiple project never pans out. Check this example out. Here in Atlanta, Georgia one of the number one tax revenue industries is the Strip club business, or the booty shakin’ bid’ness as they say down here. The booty shakin’ bid’ness generates more tax revenue than the Atlanta hawks, Braves, and Falcons combined. Just Dayum.

So, if you are driving or flying through Georgia, stop and visit our new Aquarium, catch a Falcons game, and visit our booty shakin’ clubs.


Monday, September 19, 2005

I Will Rebulid With You Mr. President

“On Thursday night President Bush spoke to the nation from my city. I am not a Republican. I did not vote for George W. Bush -- in fact, I worked pretty hard against him in 2000 and 2004. But on Thursday night, after watching him speak from the heart, I could not have been prouder of the president and the plan he outlined to empower those who lost everything and to rebuild the Gulf Coast.”

Donna Brazile
Democratic political consultant, managed Al Gore's 2000 presidential campaign

Wow, After Reading Donna Brazile’s article in the Washington Post, I sat staring at what I had just read. See, I have what some people would call a, “love hate,” type of thang going on concerning Donna Brazile. Please allow me to explain. Donna first caught my attention when she worked on the 1992 Clinton-Gore campaign. Donna and I are at the opposite ends of the political spectrum. We see eye to eye on very damn little. But I am no fool blinded by politics. What I said in 1992 about Donna applies to this day—If the republicans had Donna in their camp, they would possess 40-60% of the black vote. Donna has skills, serious skills. That coupled with a sharp intellect, Donna is partly responsible for a lot of the success Clinton had.

Donna pushes the edges of the envelope. This tendency of Hers has gotten her in more than a few tight spots, but it has paid off more often in huge dividends. I respect Donna Brazile. I always have, she is a worthy adversary and keeps the Republicans on their toes. Donna doesn’t walk around spouting the Democartic Mantra---Donna creates them. If you are just now becoming aware of her, keep your eyes on her because she will continue to shape parts of the Democratic party for the next 30 years.

I can see Donna sitting down to write the article she wrote, heart still heavy from watching her hometown in such misery, going through draft after draft. Donna does not play the political game just for the sake of playing like so many out there. Donna plays for keeps. So she starts stringing the words together, forming sentences, paragraphs, and the article is done. Donna proofs reads it once, yes once because she is a deliberate person and calls it finished.

Too often I see both parties block each others ideas simply because they are not their ideas. Forget whether or not it’s a good idea, it's just not their idea. Donna’s article is representative of what I would like to see in politics. Political adversaries working together to accomplish something greater than their own political agendas. So Donna has stepped up and said .”I’ll work with you to rebuild my hometown”, and I am hoping George Bush puts Her right in the middle of the project. Take Care Donna, don’t worry about New Orleans, people like you won’t let it die.


Friday, September 16, 2005

Just some more crazy shit....

“George Bush needs to stop talking, admit the mistakes of his all around failed administration, pull our troops out of occupied New Orleans and Iraq, and excuse his self from power.”

Those are the words of Cindy Sheehan. The fact that she gets media time in my opinion is amazing. No, not amazing---fucking silly. Let’s examine this closely. There was a time when the media wouldn’t print the words of someone like Cindy Sheehan. There was a time when not one frame of video tape would have been wasted on this crazy bitch. Not these days, these days the media will put forth anyone that has anything to say, as long as it’s against George W. Bush.

I remember growing up sitting impatiently through the local newscast, then sitting through the national newscast, simply because back in the day there was one television in the house. One television that my Father decided what would be watched and what would not. Yeah, my Father was a feminists nightmare, taking charge of a family the way he did. Every night of my childhood we (tv viewing was a family thing back then) watched Walter Cronkite tell us the way it was. Guess what, we were some pretty well informed kids.

During my childhood it was Walter that helped a newly formed agency called NASA inspire a whole generation of young boys and girls. I never missed a launch. I practically lived and drank the space program. Yeah I drank the hell out of Tang and if it’s confession time—I still like the shit.

For damned near a decade of my childhood we watched the Viet Nam war unfold and collapse. We watched men being carried on bloody stretchers to waiting helicopters, sometimes under fire, limbs dangling lifelessly over the sides of the stretcher. We came to know the reporters and the risks that a lot of them were taking to bring us the stories that we saw. We sat in silence watching the last Huey helicopter take off from the American Embassy in Saigon, the panicked desperation of people trapped with their backs to the sea , using anything that would float or fly to get the hell out of dodge.

What I didn’t know growing up was the Media big boys were deciding even then what we would see and know. At least we didn’t see the stupid assed shit we see the media doing these days. There is no sense of journalism, it’s all agenda driven. I like Fox News but there are times they piss me the fuck off too. I just want the events as they are. I don’t want some assholes opinion and or his agenda. There is a time and place for opinions in the news- it’s called commentary.

Let’s go back to Cindy Sheehan to finish this post. I am sincerely sorry Her son was killed in Iraq. I appreciate his sacrifice and hope to hell he didn’t die in vain. But isn’t that what it would be if we did what she is asking? I have one word for Cindy Sheehan, Therapy.


Thursday, September 15, 2005

For the Love of the Game

World News---A footballer had to have six stitches in his penis after it was ripped open in a tackle. Chavdar Yankow, 21, sustained a three-inch gash playing for Hamburg 96 in Germany. His shorts were "soaked with blood" but team doctors managed to patch Yankow up. Amazingly, after the painful incident Yankow returned to the pitch and played on. And the German went on to score in his side's 2-0 win over Frankfurt.

Hold up a minute. How many times have you heard the expression, “ Live like there is no tomorrow”? I think Chavdar was doing just that. The sports world is filled with men and women possessing the same attitude. Remember in the first Rocky movie, Rocky stumbles to his corner, face looking like chopped liver, eyes swollen shut, and He tells Mickey in Rocky-speak to cut “em. Cinematic bullshit? Nope. Boxing history is filled with stories of fighters doing just that. Muhammad Ali had his jaw broken by Ken Norton in the second round of their 1973 title fight. He fought on losing the fight by a split decision. You know Norton kept hitting that jaw. Ali didn’t have a quit gear in his transmission . The really amazing thing about Ali was by that time the fight occured he had lost valuable time in his career. Prime time during which he could not fight due to his refusal to submit to the Vietnam draft. Had Norton came along during those years Ali would have cleaned his clock.

Some of us remember a great baseball game where an injured Kirk Gibson walked up to the plate and proceeded to knock the shit out of a fastball thrown by the un-hittable Dennis Eckersly to win the 1988 World Series. Kirk hobbled his ass around the bases pumping his fists. These days in baseball, Kirk would have more than likely been on the DL. Oh, and we can’t forget Kerri Strug, the 1996 Gold medalists gymnasts. Looking like she weighed all of 80lbs. soaking wet, Kerri nailed the landing on a bum ass ankle she had injured on her first vault attempt. Kerri held the landing long enough to get the score and collapsed in pain.

After reading the news clip about Chavdar Yankow, and remembering the events I mentioned, I asked myself, “is there anything I like to do that I would continue to do with a 3” rip in my dick.” Hell to the no. And that’s a shame.

New personal Motto: “Ripped dick or not, Drive on”.


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

What do Women want????????

What do Women want?...........

I’ll be damned if I know.


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Who's to blame

New Orleans, who is to blame?

Up until now I’ve hesitated to enter the blame game fray. Why, because People were dying, and mainly because Monday morning quarterbacking don’t mean shit. That plus at one time in my life I was involved in emergency rapid response work. It was difficult, mentally, physically, and emotionally. The Substance abuse rate among the men and women that respond to our emergencies, large and small, are fuckin’ unbelievable. Let’s not even discuss the divorce rates, the spousal abuse rate, etc… Also the logistics of crisis management is not an exact science, contrary to what everybody is saying these days.

Folks sometimes people fail, Okay. In this case there were failures from the local level all way up to the White house. These failures range from not following pre-Katrina evacuations plans fully to showing up on the scene of a historic disaster 24 hrs. late. But I guarantee you none of these failures were intentional or without concern for the victims. I believe Mayor Nagin wants the best for his citizens. I believe Governor Blanco wants the best for her citizens. I believe President Bush wishes he had gotten better information in the beginning.

Let’s back up and examine the things that are amazing about what happened in New Orleans. The Coast Guard launched a unprecedented rescue effort, saving over 10,000 lives. For every story about looting and violence there were 10 about people helping each other. The fact of the matter is if this disaster was anywhere else in the world the loss of life would be nowhere near what it is in New Orleans- it would be greater. The city itself would be doomed, we plan to rebuild bigger and better.

These partisan bitch sessions are getting old and at best are got-damned childish. This disaster will set the standard. We will do better next time. We have to do better.

Take Care

Monday, September 12, 2005

Okay, first Nawlins' gets wacked.........

Okay, first Nawlin’s gets wacked by Katrina, now Clarence”gatemouth” Brown dies.

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana (AP) -- Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, the singer and guitarist who built a 50-year career playing blues, country, jazz and Cajun music, died Saturday in his hometown of Orange, Texas, where he had gone to escape Hurricane Katrina. He was 81..

If you haven’t heard any of Mr. Brown’s music—do so. Mr. Brown was never really comfortable being called a bluesman. In a 2001 interview he said” I’m so unorthodox a lot of people can’t handle it” Well, he was right. First time I heard him it was on the lawn in D.C. during a week long blues festival in the early 80’s. I didn’t quite know what to make of him and his music. I’m of the opinion that what we mere humans don’t understand, we fear. You know what happens once we have a fear—yeah, we have to destroy what we fear. Be it metaphorically or just out right physically.

That particular weekend I was surrounded by a lot of brave, knowing people. The usual shit didn’t happen. I relaxed and allowed Mr. Brown’s music to flow over and through me—I allowed the music to touch a piece of me deep down within my soul. Before I knew it I was embracing the music like a long lost lover—His music speaks to my primative side- much Like the great Robert Johnson’s music does- Yes, I like my blues straight up- no chaser. Mr. Brown was right. His music is some other shit; a mixture of jazz, country, Texas blues, and Zydeco, fused together so you can hardly tell where one ends and the other starts.

I hope when Mr. Brown enters the pearly gates he don’t get offended when St. Pete says, “welcome home Bluesman.” Take care Mr. Brown, and thanks for making a summer Saturday afternoon long ago such a great memory.


Sunday, September 11, 2005



Today is the anniversary of 911. I used to call 911 America’s wake up call, but these days, I just don’t know. Liberal America’s love affair with radical Islam amazes me to this day. Let’s just cut out all the bullshit--- there is no such thing as radical Islam. Islam by it’s very nature seeks to make us all submit.

911 was a turning point in American history. On that day most people finally realized that we could be hit. Most people finally realized that sitting back doing nothing was the equivalent of waiting for the other guy to throw the first punch, and the next time the punch may be a nuke. So we find ourselves a nation split right down the middle, hey that’s just how I like it. Being a libertarian I never want to see all of America happy about what’s going on in our country. As much as I hate to admit it, we need the Liberals. Yes they do serve a purpose. There has to be an opposing group, there must be a opposing group.

What I would like to see is liberal America admit that conservative America does a better job at protecting America from outside forces. With this admission, I’d like to see conservative America admit that liberal America is better suited to handle a lot of the domestic human issues. I’d like to see both Americas handle our hard earned tax dollars more responsibly—Yeah these days the republicans are spending like democrats.

I would like to see all of America remember 911 for what it was, an attack on our way of life.
Take Care

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Natural disaster survival skills

Natural disaster survival skills
Do you have them?

Okay, today we are going to talk about surviving a natural disaster. Why? Because the recent events in New Orleans have convinced me that most Americans don't possess the basic knowledge of survival. We could argue the point that too many Americans have been sucking on the big liberal government tit so long that they’ve become fat and lazy, unconcerned with self survival, but, it would be a waste of time to make that argument. I suggest we concern ourselves with the future. If it has happened once (Katrina), it dayum sho’ will happen again, it’s just a matter of time.

One of the most disturbing things that happened in New Orleans was how easily the thugs and assholes preyed upon their fellowman, and women. The reports of rape, taking of supplies, and outright murder are depressing. Did we really expect the gangs of the 9th Ward to all of a sudden grow a heart? Naw baby, it was business as usual for them. That’s what bad guys do. Bad guys keep it real 24/7, 365 days a year, it was just another day in the ‘hood to them.

It is my belief that a man or a woman that fails to secure the means, and or training to defend and protect their loved ones are simply asking to be victims. We live during a strange time in the history of the world. A time where there are some amongst us that consider it poor taste to stand your ground and refuse to become a victim. A time where liberal social engineers tell us that having the means to defend and protect oneself, a gun, should be illegal. The philosophical bullshit that gets spouted from the lips of people who have never had to stare into the cold, uncaring eyes of a human predator is, putting it mildly, fuckin’ amazing.

Basic rules of survival during a natural disaster

These rules are by no means the end all and be all. Survival is a constant, evolving challenge. You can easily add to or subtract some of these rules. It just depends on the circumstances. I didn’t just sit down in a vacuum and come up with these rules. My life hasn’t always been a predictable, peaceful, suburban existence. Most of these rules I was taught, and the rest I gleaned from men and women that have lived through some horrific adventures.

  1. Self preservation- You can’t help anybody or anything if you succumb right off the bat. This includes evacuating yourself and loved ones from areas that are at risk. Especially if you get adequate warning.

  2. Buy and learn how to use a weapon (gun) properly ,and keep plenty of ammunition. This rule of survival is one that causes the most controversy. For you ladies out there that are easily outweighed by over a hundred pounds by the average male---you know the deal. Never apologize for the ability to control what happens to you and yours. A shotgun is usally considered the best all around home protection weapon. Me myself, I feel better with a nice sizable pistol along with the shotgun. Remember--you can never have too much ammunition, that shit just doesn't exist.

  3. Maintain adequate foodstuffs in household. Okay this one is also tricky. I am not talking about the paranoid stockpiling of food that a lot of doomsday prophets are talking about. Most households don’t cook on a regular basis these days, hence here in the south (Georgia), everybody runs out and buys milk and bread when there is the slightest hint of snow. Five days of basic can goods and a couple or three cases of water should be sufficient. If house bound fill all empty containers including bathtubs with water. If you have to mess this rule up, make sure it’s not the water. Why five days worth of supplies? Anything longer would require more skills to survive than most people are willing to learn. Also help should arrive within that period of time. If not, then hell, you’re fucked.

  4. Hide yourself, your loved ones, and your resources. Most people are complacent creatures and as long as everything is going well give no thought to preparing for seriously bad times. Desperation can turn your best neighbor into your worst enemy. Also, do not initiate confrontations. You are supposed to be on the survival down low remember. In some cases there is safety in numbers. Be realistic about whom you trust your loved ones survival with.

  5. Maintain a emergency medicine kit. This should be a standard in every household, and most households keep enough of the basics on hand. But having a kit or two will certainly make surviving easier. Also make sure prescriptions for chronic illness’ such as asthma and diabetes are in supply enough to last fives days. Never refill prescriptions when you get down to the last few doses, do it with at least a weeks supply left, that’s a everyday habit that should be followed.

Okay, these are the basics and if you noticed, they would have made surviving flooded out New Orleans easier. Now, that shit that happened at the Superdome and the Convention center, that was a lack of good men stepping forward and protecting the weak. Another discussion for another day.
Take care
*update---- As recommended by:Vido Barbonne, Keep a battery powered radio handy and fresh batteries--Check out the self-powered units that you hand crank. They are pretty damned good.

Friday, September 09, 2005

George Bush doesn't care about Black People........


George Bush doesn't care about black people. Once again another hip-hop artist opens their mouth and the world receives a valuable nugget of knowledge---not. Okay, since when do intelligent, rational human beings get their social political advice from a hip-hop artist?

Kanye West is just another in a long line of artists too ignorant to realize their own stupidity. I will say this much. There was a time when hip-hop was relevant. Yes, I know a lot of you are choking from seeing me make that statement, but let me elaborate.

Hip-hop in it's early years was a creative, ingenious, insightful, just plain dayum fun genre of music. The artists were individualistic, charismatic--shit all the things that captures ones ear and imagination.

So what the fuck happened? It's my opinion that when hip-hop artists were elevated to prophet-like status they started to believe their own hype,(sorta like Bono of U2), that plus the fact the motherfuckin' thug as gangsters took over the music. The result is a uninspiring, self-centered, materialistic, sadistic, chauvinistic, racists--yes racists, music suitable only for strip club booty-shaking.

Let's get back to Kanye West for a moment. Like most hip-hop artists these days, Kanye probaly is in possession of a 10th grade education. Also it can be safely assumed that he is not exercising a fundamental skill--reading. How else can you explain dumb-ass comments made during NBC's live concert fundraiser to benefit the victims of Katrina. Personal beliefs aside, why didn't the Bastard think for a moment about the possibility of his beliefs discouraging donations?

Why get up there on live TV, supposily begging for donations, and in the same breath alienate a segment of donors? Dayum, I'm sorry. I asked a couple of questions that would require a logical thought path. The answer can only truly be expessed in the vernacular of Kanyes contemporaries, " Kanye don' no' no logic".


Just Damned

Well..... I guess this picture tells the whole story. I really cannot believe the finger pointing going on these days-- I personally feel that there has never been a event like hurricane Katrina- ever.
We have had devastating storms ,earth quakes , fires , 911--shit but the rescue and evacuation on the scale that went on and is going on in New Orleans is unprecedented- So let's just paused for a while -take a breath and make sure the people of New Orleans do not suffer more than necessary.
Take Care
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